Support and Troubleshooting

Below are listed some tips which may help you troubleshoot any issues you may be having. If you cannot resolve your issue, please use the form on the Contact page and we will do our best to help.

Applies to All Alamo Reality Apps

Opening / Loading App taking a long time

After using the app, why is my device warm or hot?

AR App Device Compatibility

App freezes

Can't View in Landscape Mode

Not getting any sound

What is the difference between good (or fast) and best in the settings menu?

App won't download or stuck on waiting/loading

Specific to Experience Real History: Alamo Edition

Problems after reinstalling the App

Tips for the Portal Scenes (Go back in time and walk through the Alamo in 1836)

iOS: ‘Go back in time and walk through the Alamo in 1836’ portals don’t open

AR Scenes won’t load, just get a spinner

AR Scene display pink or brown screens

Miniboard Flags

Flags on the ‘Bring to life augmented reality Products’ maps

Opening/Loading App taking a long time

App won’t download or stuck on waiting/loading

Downloading ERH: Limited Edition App | iOS & Android

Specific to Experience Real History: Characters App

Character shadows don't display

Character animations are shaky

Duo cards don't display

Can’t get Characters to display